sayed ahasan ali

Author Syed Ahsan Ali

The fictitious autobiographical novel “Autumn Dew” depicted the reminiscence of Dr. Anisur Rahman, who has arrived in the autumn of his life.

His nostalgic recapitulation about his Love of childhood-youth life, Participation of Student movement against the Autocratic Rule of Ayub Khan, Job and Professional experience, Contribution to the War of Liberation in Bangladesh, Concerns for different threats to the Mother Earth etc. have been depicting a feeling, as if these are the falling of few drops of dew on the yellow autumn leaves, which radiate diamonds like brightness in the vugg of the book.

The German Migrated Author Syed Ahsan Ali deemed to be born on 7th January 1946 in Kasiani Sub-Division of Gopalganj District, Bangladesh. (However it is to be noted here: as per manipulated documents of his siblings having ill and malicious intention to grab the parental properties in Bangladesh, this date of birth (dob) may not be a correct one, as this differs from his dob in Matric Certificate).

His childhood was spent on the bank of the Madhumati river at Titagram under Alfadanga Thana.
His student life was spent in Dhaka.
In 1962 He was sent to Jail, with other Student leaders, while they barred Monem Khan, the stooge of Autocratic Pakistani Military Ruler Ayub Khan and erstwhile Governor of East Pakistan to enter into Dhaka College. In this connection, he was also rusticated from Dhaka College.
When rustication/expulsion was lifted, he joined the Economics Department of Dhaka University.
Later, during studies at Dhaka University, he was actively engaged in the student movement.
As a result, due to the obligation to the family and pressure, he had to take a job in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Parallel to his job, he completed his Masters in Economics and Pakistan Civil Service Examination there.
1971 he came from Pakistan to participate in the War of Liberation in Bangladesh.

But he was apprehended by the Pakistani Army and sent back to Pakistan.From there he fled to Germany.
Here in Hamburg University he got again the Post graduation degree in Economics.
Then, he established himself by doing business and trade there.
Currently he is a German Citizen.
His literary pursuits continued, parallel to his active professional career.

Almost more than hundreds of books have already been written by him, which are now waiting for a gradual printing and publication.
In the meanwhile, his fiction political novel “Sagardari” having 1040 pages has been released.
However the process of printing of „Autumn Dew„ or “Hemanter Shishir” began first, but due to certain practical reason, “Sagardari” is Authors first published the book.
Very soon a few more books of the author will be published, which are now in the printing press.