Critics and Review

 The literary works of Author Syed Ahsan Ali has been widely praised in different literary Magazines and News Papers.

One such example is an article in the Dhaka Vernacular Daily ‘Dainik Janakantha’ dated 06.01.2017 on ‘Sagardari’. Due to technical constraints, we are unable to publish the text of the book revue article in full. We hope to overcome these difficulties and it would be available to the readers for reading. Even then we are giving a link, which may perhaps be opened by the readers.

Most of the critics have opined that Author’s Work ‘Sagardari’ is a very unique creation not only in Bengali Literature but also in the World literature. The best seller Novel of Margaret Mitchel (1936) ‘Gone with the Wind’ has brought Mitchel at the highest peak of his popularity. This American epic historical romance was filmed with Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh In 1939. We hope that Authors only one epic like work ‘Sagardari’ will be enough to find a place in the literature and win the hearts of the wide mass of readers

The Author has composed all his books in Computer. He is getting valuable help from the strong editorial board. We hope he would be able to complete and publish all his literary works very soon.

We wish him a long life.

Shefali Syed,
Member of the Editorial Board &
Head of the Stipend Committee.