Social Programmes

Author Syed Ahsan Ali envisages a Programme to impart computer learning facilities in his ‘Syed Ahsan Ali Computer learning and Internet Facilities Institute at Kasiani Uppsala, Gopalganj District, Bangladesh Unfortunately due to the nefarious activities of some local hooligans, Extortionist (চাঁদা বাজ), Usurer (সুদখোর), Counterfeiter (জালিয়াত), Contract killer (হিটম্যান ), etc. the life of the Author a has become a havoc. These anti-social elements have lodged twin false cases of robbery, theft etc. against the esteemed Author Syed Ahsan Ali. One false case has recently been dismissed by the learned court in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In another case, the miscreants have managed the Kasiani Thana to harass the Author. Due to some unknown reason, the file of this false case been disappeared from the record room. An Effort has been taken to trace the file with the help of higher authorities of the pro-liberation Government of Bangladesh.

In the meanwhile Government initiated forgery lawsuit against few miscreants has been underway. As soon as the nefarious activities of these elements deem to cease, our social programmes would get an impetus. The readers would be informed accordingly.

We would provide Computer Teaching and Internet Services for the Children up to the age of 9 free of cost. We would provide Internet Connections to the Private Household at a cheaper rate. Details of the Social Works Programmes would be made public, very soon.